Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail: Online Guide
The Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail

Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail is now OPEN!

The Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail is a one-half mile walking
trail that leads from a parking area on CR 162 to historic
Bellamy Bridge.

A joint effort of the Northwest Florida Water Management
District, Jackson County Parks & Recycling and the Friends of
Bellamy Bridge, the trail opened to the public on November 1,
2012 and can be visited during daylight hours. After dark visits
require a guide and can be arranged by clicking the Contact Us
button at the top of this page or calling (850) 693-1580 and
leaving a message.

The trail offers a great opportunity to see the magnificent plant
and animal life of the Upper Chipola River floodplain and is
popular not just for those interested in the ghost story, but with
people of all ages who enjoy scenic natural beauty.

To view our downloadable Trail Guide and Trail Map, please
follow these links:

Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail - Printable Trail Guide

Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail - Printable Trail Map

Please be aware that motorized vehicles are not allowed on the

To reach the Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail from Marianna,
please use these directions:
Florida's Most Famous Ghost Story

The legend of the Ghost of Bellamy Bridge
is perhaps Florida's most famous ghost
story. The ghost of a young woman named
Elizabeth Jane Bellamy has been seen in
the bridge vicinity for more than 120 years.
Click Here to Read the Story!
The "Other" Ghosts of Bellamy Bridge

Three other ghost stories are told about the
bridge and its vicinity. All originate from the
early 1900s and add an additional air of
mystery to historic Bellamy Bridge. They
surround three untimely deaths.
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Jackson County Spanish Heritage Trail

The site of Bellamy Bridge has been used
as a place for crossing the Chipola River for
hundreds of years. Spanish documents
indicate that the expedition of Marcos
Delgado crossed the river here in 1686.
Read about Marcos Delgado at Bellamy!
Battle of the Upper Chipola

An important battle of the First Seminole
War was fought near the Bellamy Bridge
Heritage Trail in March 1818. U.S. Creek
troops, led by Brig. Gen. William McIntosh,
attacked the Red Ground chief here.
Read about the Forgotten Battle.
History of Bellamy Bridge

The historic steel-frame bridge turns 100
years old in 1914 and stands on the site of
earlier wooden bridges that date back to
1851. The history of the bridge itself
provides a unique look back through time.
Read the History of Bellamy Bridge
Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail

Learn more about the new Bellamy Bridge
Heritage Trail, print out the self-guided tour
brochure and take a look at photographs
and video of this great new Florida heritage
Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail Info
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Ghost of Bellamy Bridge Mug
Ghost of Bellamy Bridge Mug by BellamyBridge

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